João Carreiro

Strategy and Product Design in Lisboa, Portugal

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Hi, my name is João Carreiro and I’ve been working in innovation and product development for over 10 years. Recently I joined Credibom, the Portuguese branch of Credit Agricole where I'm part of the Executive Commission Office and responsible for everything related to UX & product design.

Among all the exciting things I'm working right now, there is a b2c marketplace designed using highly iterative and validation based methodologies with the user experience leveraged by real-time big data analytics to deliver the right thing, for the right user at the right time.

A little bit about how I got here:

I always felt the need to create and make things better but the first time I actually did something with impact was when I was 16 and decided to create what was the 1st online radio in Portugal.

At the age of 18, I started my first company in the area of electronic security and home/office automation where it became the main supplier of criminal investigation equipment in Portugal. At the same time, I launched the first National Engineering Competition in Europe, which currently takes place in over 30 countries.

That experience made me discover the part of management I am better at is strategy, more specifically in new business development and scaling.

In 2011 I became the youngest technical sales responsible for a company working in homeland security and soon after that, founded another company that developed and launched the world smallest 4G HD video server in one of the most restricted markets in the world with less than 0.6M$.

After years of working in innovation and product development in high-tech markets, I realized that I love crafting products and experiences and thrive in user-centered projects.

Love driving, creating and meeting new people. It is my intention to make a difference in the world, help people and be happy! I am a climber, an adventurer and a risk-taker with a particular love for the outdoors.

Being an entrepreneur is not only hard, but it's also painful. I did a lot of mistakes that cost me countless sleepless nights. In the end, they were totally worth it because they got me where I am today. If you need anything I'm right here:

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