Jolynn Oblak

sales, marketing, and Consultant in New York

Probably the most essential part of who I am lies in my curiosity and my desire to simplify and create solutions that impact people's lives.

I am also driven to understand the influences that define human behavior and motivations.

So my unique "superpower" is that I see nuances that other people would miss

Hi, I am Jolynn, and you get to borrow my brain! I am a marketing expert who eliminates feelings of overwhelm that comes with your never-ending to-do list.

I fix what’s broken from strategic marketing and planning to tactical execution. I am the difference between long lost dreams and a wildly successful business.

What do I offer that is unique?:

=>The profound Depth of a counselor
=>The Precise Insights of experienced strategist with 13 years of industry experience
=> The Unruffled Focus of a project manager knee-deep in the details with a systematic approach to finding you the best solution.

  • Work
    • Radiancy Inc, Laerdal Medical
  • Education
    • Ithaca College- Bachelors
    • Russell Sage Colleges- Masters