Jodie Coall

Small Business Owner, Public Speaker, and Consultant in Melbourne, Australia

'Gees JC! You do a lot of stuff. A real Jack of all trades!

And, yes, ok, I would agree. I do love variety. My best skill? Bringing people together and being able to be our true selves. Both what we love, and what we don't love as much.

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Connect /book: MC, events, collaborations and ideas:

You know, there are times when we need to break up. With our habits, people and our jobs, (sometimes even ourselves too) And, sometimes we get broken up with. It doesn't have to break us though. In fact, we can breakup brilliant! So instead of just 'leaving our shit behind', we deal with it, we sort it out so we can move on, and not drag it with us.

-Mind and Body support is my main 'job'. I believe open and honest communication is best for a true connection. I promise to give you a 'kick' and a 'cuddle' -meaning I am not going to sugar coat it but I will support you, and I will always have your back.

I see the bigger picture and reverse engineer it. You could say I look for the fastest, best and most valuable way to get there. Then, build the path/bridge to connect the two.

I am a Small Business Owner, Public Speaker, Workshop Leader, Mind & Body Coach & Sports Coach. I have been doing this for over 20 years. I lead & coach teams, including corporate and sports, and I have worked across Wellness, Health & Fitness, SaaS, Sales, Hospitality & Retail Events industries.

Company Director, Manager, Massage Therapist, Personal and Group Trainer, Customer Service Specialist. Worked end to end events, written systems, processes & procedures, interviewed trained and managed people in a variety of areas.

I'm also a model and actor on some amazing, some strange, and varied projects too. Published words :) won awards, represented the state in sport.

Nothing is above or below me and I try to keep myself comfortably out of my comfort zone to grow as a person.

I do enjoy a challenge, am adaptable, open, approachable, fun, constructive and competitive.

Interests range from human behavior to business, to writing, travel, playing & coaching sports, fitness, health, art, events & festivals, food, dance and music. I also have a love for being active, outdoors, (both mountains and beach). I adore animals, enjoy doing voice over work, acting, story telling, interviewing, learning, training and events and connecting with people.

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