Jodi Harris

Consultant, Writer, and Editor in Culver City, California

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What's my story? In my professional life, I am a goal-driven content creator, skilled content project manager, and creative problem solver with enterprise-wide experience building and executing on innovative publishing and content marketing solutions.

As a content strategy consultant, I focus on helping marketers, agencies, and other storytellers analyze their content needs and resources; build infrastructure; and create and distribute relevant, engaging messages across multiple media channels and platforms.

Why focus on content? Because expression, writing, and entertainment are in my DNA. Content marketing is, in essence, storytelling, and I was born to size up an audience, figure out our common interests, and craft a story that will speak to those interests in a memorable, engaging way. In my years of professional experience, I have developed a diverse range of skills, interests, and experience in publishing, marketing, and advertising, which gives me a well-rounded perspective on the digital industry. And with my keen sense of diverse audience mindsets, my ability to create and distribute engaging content, and my drive to help clients embrace technology and innovation, I have developed proven, measurable ways to design and implement content solutions that can meet any business challenge.

If you'd like more information on my background, skills, and accomplishments, or want to check out a few of my writing samples, look me up on Twitter or LinkedIn, or email me at I look forward to connecting with you!

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