Jody Blum

New Jersey, United States

Jersey born, social butterfly, I'm always looking for the next great thing to be a part of. I graduated college in Philadelphia and have planted roots in the northeast ever since. Though I miss my days of sketching on scraps of paper, I still have creative outlets such as gift wrapping and designing menus/placecards for dinner parties. My impressive collection of over 3,000 fonts does not go to waste.

Supply chain management pays the bills, but my true passion lies in mixology; collecting, mixing, embibing. In the coming months, I plan to start my own cocktail blog, as requested by fans and strangers alike. 5 minutes in a room with me chattering about Amaros and infused gins and my passion seems to be contageous.

Want to know more? Reach out to me via one of the links below and I'm happy to connect.

  • Work
    • Atari
  • Education
    • Philadelphia University (Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science)