Jörg Krause

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Architect in Berlin, Germany

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I'm a developer with passion. The world runs on code and code runs the world. Hence, I'm here to help making the world a little better by writing better code.

I'm an author, teacher, and speaker so I can share my passion and help others writing better software.

You can expect excellent skills, far above the average, in these fields: Azure (Functions, IoT, Hubs, Queues, Containers and more), AWS (Lambda, S3, API, EC2 and many more), .NET/C# (Core), Angular/React/Web Components, JavaScript/TypeScript, SQL (MS and MySQL), Multi Tier Architecture, Container, SOA/REST/OpenAPI and related fields; web programming after all since 1990 (sic!).

I'm available as an interim CTO for start-ups as well. So if you have a game changing idea and can't code it by yourself, I'm your man!

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