Joey Coleman

• Chief Experience Composer at Design Symphony - a customer experience branding firm that specializes in creating unique, attention-grabbing customer experiences

• Clients include individual entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, national non-profits, government entities, and Fortune 500 companies like the Aspen Institute, NASA, Network for Good, KIPP DC, Hyatt Hotels, the Save Darfur Coalition, the World Bank, and Zappos.

• Recognized expert in customer experience design, a regular speaker at national conferences. and taught business and creativity courses at both the college and graduate school level. Past appearances include presentations at the Capitol Creativity Network, the George Washington University MBA Program, the Microsoft Small and Medium Business Partner Alliance, the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management, and numerous private corporate and non-profit events.

• Previously held positions with the Corporate Executive Board (NASDAQ: EXBD), the White House (Office of Counsel to President Clinton), the United States Secret Service, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

• Degrees from the University of Notre Dame (Bachelor of Arts - Government and International Relations) and the George Washington University Law School (Juris Doctor - emphasis in National Security Law, International Law, and Litigation).

• I'm an avid reader, traveler (42 countries and counting), and experiencer of life.