Johan de Bruijne


My main aim is to deliver a product which is in accordance with the clients wishes. By doing so, I play an important role in helping businesses accurately reflect their possibilities and opportunities. My specialties are:

- Develop and maintain productive working relationships with client personnel and assess clients' satisfaction.

- Analyze the key data issues, patterns, and trends to identify their implications.

- Conferring with other team members to develop and create new automatic or handmade test scripts.

- Surface problems and opportunities with the team.

- Consistently apply a cause-effect approach when solving problems; don’t just tackle symptoms.

- Give honest, supportive feedback to other team members about performances.- Take the initiative to seek continuous learning opportunities such as coaching and mentoring feedback, key developmental experiences, self-directed learning resources, and formal learning.

- Foster an efficient, innovative, and team-oriented work environment.- Demonstrate a positive attitude by contributing energy and positive ideas to team efforts.

- Identify and pursue growth opportunities of key changes in own work setting.- Programming in TWIST (Java/Selenium)- Always aware of the latest IT developments.

- Testing applications if they work as described.