John Carosella

Palo Alto, CA

After 25 years in high-tech, John is now embracing a path more in tune with his spiritual truth. His long career has made him deeply familiar with the stresses of our high-intensity culture.

Trained in a variety of disciplines (including cross-cultural and Celtic shamanism), John has been walking this new path with great intensity since 2003.

Energetic and passionate, John offers a variety of services, including workshops, lectures, mentoring, healing and counseling, and creates new connections through his travels and research.

In addition to his work with clients, John hosts "Convergence", on Firefly Willows L*I*V*E!. He is the founding leader of the "Open to Spirit" chapter at the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy, where he acts as chapter custodian. He is also a founding member of Shamanic Life, an online community dedicated to helping others live a shamanic life in every moment of every day. He writes for the Firefly Willows Blog and The Swallowtail Project in addition to his private practice at the Shamanist.

Through his spiritual explorations of reality (both ordinary and non-ordinary), his science training, and his natural curiosity, John asks "Why?" as often as "How?" and comes up with surprising answers. No topic is too frightening – or too obvious – for his fresh and compassionate inquiry.

A session with John may include drumming, medicine songs, custom healing mantras, and gentle healing touch. His seminars and workshops are lively, fun, and surprising. Counseling sessions are deeply thought-provoking.

John is also working on several books related to his experiences.

  • Work
    • Shamanic healing & counseling
  • Education
    • BS Cornell University