John Leslie

I am a current student at Algonquin College and an aspiring Home Hardware store owner. I first started working at Home Hardware in 2007. I was a grade nine student at Arnprior district high school and wanted the freedom of having my own money. Throughout high school I was uncertain of what I wanted as a career but did know the lifestyle I wanted to live. At the end of grade twelve I decided to take a year off to decide what I wanted to do. With knowing the lifestyle I wanted to live and loving my current job at Home Hardware I decided that I wanted to own Arnprior Home Hardware. It is a great job and the people I work with are amazing. The current owner has so much knowledge to offer me and the willingness to do so. I then enrolled into the Small to Medium Enterprise management at Algonquin College. I am currently in my second year of study and continue to work weekends at Home Hardware.

Along with my school and work pursuits I am a member in the Canadian National Para Snowboard team. This endeavor started during the 2010/2011 snowboard season. I was riding for the Arnprior high school race team when my coach asked me if I was going to continue in a career with snowboarding. When she learned that I had an artificial leg she put me in contact with the Canadian National Para team. I was then invited to a race in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. I placed 1st in Canada and 5th in the world. From there I went to Whistler and tried out for the para national team and made it. I was now in the world of being an athlete. My eating and fitness habits slowly changed over the summer to enter the 2011/2012 snowboard season. With a busy winter ahead of me I took the winter semester off school to race. I had a great season not only personally but as a developing athlete. I was able to travel and learn many new skills. In May of 2012 I received the exciting news that snowboarding had made it into the 2014 Paralympic games and I was on Canada's "A-Team" to attend. I am currently in training for the 2012/2013 season and have my eyes set on the 2014 Paralympic games.

With going to school in Ottawa and working weekends in Arnprior (a small town just West of Ottawa) I have a very supportive family. My Dad, Tim, is a pilot at the National Research Counsel of Canada. My Mom, Carolyn, is the Hanger Manager for Vintage Wings of Canada. And finally my younger sister, Alex, is currently a student at Carlton University. I live with them during the weeks i am at school.