John Mohr

Teacher in Langley, British Columbia, Canada

John Mohr

Teacher in Langley, British Columbia, Canada

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I am a science teacher at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary in British Columbia, Canada and have been teaching for 12 years at the high school level. I am also engaged in various interests that occupy my time when I am not teaching. Some of them are:

entrepreneurship and the economy

product development and innovation

the pursuit of knowing God

reading up on advances in physics and astronomy

understanding computers and networking; also staying current with new technology

I have a mix of skills and talents that seem to come from both the analytical side and also from the creative side of oneself; although I am interested in science and technology, I enjoy the arts.

I enjoy dreaming big and strive to live a full and meaningful life. My aim is to find and fulfill my God-given destiny.

This backdrop is a picture of the inside of the the Large Hadron Collider which is the highest-energy particle collider ever made and is considered as one of the great engineering milestones of mankind. This inspires me to continue thinking big and keep searching all of life's wonders.

  • Work
    • Surrey School District
  • Education
    • B.Sc. General Biology
    • B.Ed. Biological Sciences