John Pendal

Comedian in London, United Kingdom

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In 2003 I won the 25th 'International Mr Leather' contest in Chicago, (the only Briton ever to have won the title).

I started stand-up comedy in 2010. Since then I've performed over 750 gigs at comedy clubs and theatres across the UK from Falmouth to Edinburgh, as well as one-hour shows in Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Leicester, Manchester, Melbourne, Newcastle and York.

I'll be performing solo comedy show "John Pendal – International Man of Leather” every day at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe from 4-28 August (not 15) @ 4.45pm.

Tickets available from The Stand box office

Everyone welcome ... as long as you're over 16 ... and don't mind hearing about kinky sex!

(Photo by Brian Higgins Photography)