John Bradshaw

While the day job is recording bands and making albums, I also study psychology, play drums and love to hang out with friends.Life's too short to watch from the sidelines and no matter how much you learn there's always more.

I tend to do new things because I can, so I have consistently growing list of hobbies, the most recent of which is learning violin. What can I say, I love a challenge. Already placing bets on how soon I can become a solid player, considering the popular belief that to be good at violin you need to start when you're like 3...

Music is a HUGE passion of mine, considering I record bands for a living. Love ALL kinds of music, no matter the genre, once it's good! It's actually amazing how much you can tell about a person from the musically biases, and with that said I really need to get back to and finish my paper on ' the structure of taste ' about musician taste.