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My Mantra Is: "Know Your WHY for Instant ROI™"

Like you, I’ve seen leadership defined numerous ways. For example, is it charisma, positive thinking and decisiveness? What about schools attended? Maybe custom-made clothes? Perhaps it is all about the rumored few who are born leaders?

Or could there be a totally different story?

With over four decades of leadership coaching, paid speaking at over 300 events and most of all, the CEO of 17 companies in 11 different industries, my view of leadership and achieving peak performance is radically different.

I believe that leadership is an inspired choice, not a title. As I often say: “I believe that leadership can be expressed by everyone, in their own way, every day.”

I’m known for my ability to make sense of life, connect the dots and achieve what matters.

My out of the box thinking, real-life stories and street-smart solutions connect with people in a way that creates a deeply personal experience. They leave an event challenging the WHY, HOW and WHAT that drive their day-to-day activities. They also sense and appreciate that a major personal transformation is underway as they become more aware of their authenticity and power.

I’m the author of “Childs Play,” a book about the games we played as children that we use today to handle adult challenges, plus 3 forthcoming books: “How to Survive, Thrive and Achieve Your Dreams,” “22 Keys to Leadership Success” and “Be Your Own Coach.”

Jim T. Chong and I co-host "The CEO Leadership Corner" a weekly show on Live Strong America – Radio to Inspire at I’m also a frequent special guest on Jim's broadcast radio program "Rush Hour" on Business Radio Money 105.5 fm in Sacramento, CA.

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