Jonathan Lau

A penciler who draws laborious, detail-obsessed pictures for fun.

When you see frenetic, eastern-influenced action sequentials blended smoothly alongside western superhero stylized art - that is distinctly the work of Philippine-born artist Jonathan Lau, whom some have regarded as the John Woo of comics.

Born with Cantonese origins, Jonathan was influenced early on by Hong Kong's ManHwa art. Later, he also followed the work of great Western artists like the Kuberts, Jim Lee and Bruce Timm among others.

Working with publisher Dynamite Entertainment for a long while now, Jonathan has illustrated many covers and interiors of comics such as Battlestar Galactica, Project Superpowers, the Green Hornet, Bionic Man, and Peter Cannon Thunderbolt. His recent work can be seen within the pages of Codename Action comics. Some of his works were featured in Stan Lee's How to Draw Comics (2010), where he is recognized to be among the industry's "Superstar Artists."

Jonathan's passion? Weaving the life, mystique, and dynamism of Western pulp characters and stories well into the 21st century.