Jon McFarlane

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Recently I had the privilege to put together the announce trailer for Sea of Thieves, a new shared world adventure game from Rare. We announced at the Xbox E3 2015 Media briefing to an audience of millions around the globe and couldn't be prouder of how it was received. The fantastic team here at Rare put a tonne of hard work into making sure this was authentic gameplay captured in engine with lush visuals, which in this age of CG cinematic announce trailers I felt was a refreshing approach.


I believe we are now in a new age of interactive entertainment without the shackles of live broadcast and the new tools our socially connected, always online world provides an opportunity to create new forms of entertainment that take full advantage of what the web has to offer.

A creative individual, I continually strive to find new and innovative ways of telling stories. I am particularly interested in new media and videogames, creating an immersive user experiece. I aim to breathe new life into established mediums through unique approaches to storytelling and social networking.

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