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Jordan Carver

She is specialized in glamour, lingerie & swimsuit modeling, but no worry, she is also a big action-sport fan, so she can offer everything else where others surrender! Currently, she is based in OC, California but is working as an international glamour model.

Actually, she is of Italian ancestry, but was born in Germany. She was born January 30,1986 and she grew up in a small town and moved to Munich later. After graduation, she did an apprenticeship as a hotel manageress but didn't feel inspired in this business. So she decided to dedicate herself to a more creative job, the modeling business. At first she worked behind the camera, as a beautician in a big French company.

At a certain point, she decided to start her own business as amake-up artist. She met an amazing photographer who previously worked with Playboy, Amica, Triumph, Vogue and among other clients. He noticed her potential in front of the camera, and made some sample pictures in pinup-style and had some amazing results! By February 2010, she launched her own website! This has been the best time of her life ... more? Visit her homepage: