Jordi Paps

Evolutionary Biologist in Colchester, United Kingdom

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I am an evolutionary biologist fascinated by the causes that underlie the origins and diversity of the Animal Kingdom. I am interested in the evolution of animals, systematics, body plans and their genomes. My primary focuses are molecular phylogenetics and comparative genomics, mixing zoology (especially "invertebrates"), genetics, molecular biology, developmental biology, evodevo, phylogeography and biodiversity.

Some of the organisms I have worked on are multicellular animals (Metazoa), the Opisthokonta (eukaryote super-group including animals, fungi and choanoflagellates among other lesser known but important groups), the super-clade Lophotrochozoa, the Platyhelminthes (free-living flatworms such as planarians, I also have worked on parasitic ones), the puzzling Acoelomorpha, the enigmatic Xenoturbella, the beautiful Chaetognatha, the amazing Gastrotricha and the Pacific oyster.

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