Joseph Martz


I hack shit to make things more intelligent and automated. My expertise covers outstanding things like spanish omelette cooking, playing banjo & artificial neural networks architecture design.

Last one is cooler than the rest because i research about how you humans write. At the same time, word is the smallest piece of the internet thingie so i can be your 360° unicorn too.

I use to mine/store/analyze/visualize data trying to help people. Some of them look for operational answers so i use to translate terabyte scale data into kb's information too as a way of living.

Answering ops questions, fixing lacks of planning and then creating information-driven IT products from scratch is my day to day. I work at some institutional open data projects like Instituto Nacional de Datos, or Open Data Institute UK.

ps: I freelance sometimes but I don't sell decrypt. I'm not your script kiddie. Peace.

  • Work
    • Technical Product Manager