Josh Hagler

Tallahassee, Florida

RoomScape U: Redefining the College Apartment & Dorm Living Experience

There is something brewing down in Tallahassee Florida…A nice little ecosystem of start-ups is shaping and coming into form, and this development is being led by Josh Hagler a senior at Florida State University, and founder of RoomScape U, a website dedicated to helping college students find unique and novel items for apartments, houses and dorms.

Discovering Awesome.

The idea for his start-up came to him when he was a freshman at FSU, and noticed that most dorm room walls were blank and dull in color. He found the same issue as well when going to Target and Walmart, and noticed that both stores had the same boring items.

In this article Josh shares the RoomScape U story, and gives advice for aspiring college entrepreneurs.

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unique, always. RoomScapeU, Discover Awesome.

Q: What is the elevator pitch of your business?

RoomScape U curates and sells essential, cool, and innovative products for college students. The goal of our site is to reinvent and re-imagine your college living experience.
Q: What does RoomScapeU offer to its users? What’s your value proposition?

On the site we offer everything from awesome wall peels to branded bar stools for schools. We offer an array of products such as cooking and drinking products, electronic products like alarm clocks, entertainment speakers and headphones and UBoxes. As pointed out in the website, UBoxes were created to provide college students with awesome products at great prices. Weekly deals are ran to promote UBoxes and are only available while supplies last.
The value proposition for RoomScapeU is discovering new products for college students that are curated to students. It too is themed specific for each school, for example, when I sign in with FSU the product results that are returned are FSU themed. Users can also view the cost between roommates in the product description. The products then become a Facebook for social shopping, where people can send products to roommates via Facebook and more.
Q: What was the hardest obstacle you faced starting out?

The hardest thing for me starting up has been teaching myself how to code and learning photoshop on the fly. This was accomplished too with only the help o

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