Josh Hines

Durham, North Carolain

I have always had an interest in creative design. When I first started my career, I worked with CS3 in the graphics design industry developing print based materials. Due to the cost of print these days, I quickly changed industries and went in the direction of web design. Utilizing best practices in HTML design and CSS layouts I was able to develop websites that were appealing to end users.

In 2010, I enhanced my web skills with LAMP based programming and then furthered my expertise to HTML5 and CSS3 early in 2012 which enables me to build cross-browser websites that are not only browser friendly but also mobile.

I have always enjoyed the energy and passion that people have when they devote themselves to an idea and the amount their willing to risk to make it a reality. I have always been a risk-taker myself moving to North Carolina from Ohio because of the lack of opportunities there, knowing only 3 people in North Carolina when I moved and then developing a new network of entrepreneurs and other like-minded individuals by interacting with local networking programs, accelerators and start-up groups.

It is my life's passion to never stop learning and always being open to new ideas and change. I will always enjoy marketing and all the facets it interacts with.

  • Work
    • Internet Marketing & Web Developer
  • Education
    • Bachelor's Business Administration