Joshua Meadon

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Hey, if you are keen to find out more about me, then you're at the right place.

I currently help SAP form market-creating innovations at their Innovation Center Network, in their Intrapreneurship program. We empower SAP's 70 000+ employees to turn their own ideas, into independent businesses for SAP, that aim at disrupting existing markets. By emulating the startup and venture capital space, we are able to grow intrapreneurs (internal entrepreneurs) using startup methods and pulling these resources from SAP's existing employee base. We've only just started with our 1st Class of startups, and will continue onto the next Class of startups in early 2016.

Before SAP Intrapreneurship, I co-led Croking, a social community of people sharing experiences & ideas about brands, in a short & simple way. Croking launched in August, 2013 & was driven by a team of 5 friends spread between Heidelberg, Germany & Johannesburg, South Africa. Read more About Croking.

Other jobs include teaching, waiting, working on factory lines, and consulting on business transformation.

I grew up in South Africa, spent a few years living in England, & studied Business Administration & Informatics in Germany. I have lived in Pretoria, London, Oxford, Dortmund, Heidelberg, Düsseldorf & Berlin.

Feel free to reach me at

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