Josh Sroka

My full name is Joshua Mark Sroka. I am 31 years old. I have a great family. My wife, Mandy and I have 2 girls. Emma is 6 and Brooke is 4. Emma was named after the Jane Austin book, and Brooke was named after Brooks Robinson, former Baltimore Oriole. So that gives you a little clue as to what we enjoy. Mandy is a photographer and I am work as an Audio Video Engineer. My current focus is system design and programming of high end residential systems. When I am not working I am volunteering at our church. We attend Broadneck Evangelical Presbyterian (BEP) Church, in Arnold, Maryland. At BEP I have been the head of the Audio Video Ministry for over 10 years. In fact, I designed and installed the church's system. I also am a leader in the high school youth ministry at BEP. The foundation of my career is audio engineering. I went to the Omega Studios School for Recording Arts, in Rockville, Maryland. I have worked in recording studios, live sound companies, bars, churches, restaurants, festivals, conferences and now homes. I have loved all of these. Many people ask why I am in residential work after studio training. It comes down to where I live and putting my family first. Maryland does not have many opportunities for professional audio. We have chosen to live here to be close to family, and to serve at our church. We are ready to move, but not just anywhere. We are waiting for the Lord's calling. This past October I had the opportunity to go to Malaysia for an MTW conference. There, I ran all the audio and video production. I spent a lot of time using my gifts to serve the Lord and these missionaries. Suddenly, I too was a missionary, using these skills the Lord had given me precisely for His service. That experience helped me and my wife understand that the Spirit is calling me into full time ministry. We are ready to move but not for a job. We are ready to move for a ministry. In order the serve the Lord, we are open to the idea of moving anywhere, because it is not us leading, but Him. That is our prayer, that the Lord will direct us to the proper opening, and excite us and others about the chance we get to serve Jesus.