Joshua Book

Los Angeles, CA

Joshua is a full stack software engineer specializing in Ruby on Rails and AngularJS.

His mission is to produce innovative technology that empowers people all over the world.

He currently works at Big Frame, Inc., a startup in the YouTube space recently acquired by Dreamworks Animation.

Joshua possess a very varied and diverse background that firmly guides his current life and work.


Josh grew up in the cozy subarbs of Long Island before moving to the busy streets of New York City, where he studied filmmaking at New York University.

Before moving out west, Josh spent a brief and formative period of time working in community organizing and activist politics, which informs many of his professional goals and aspirations now.

After his work in politics but before moving to Los Angeles, Josh made his way out to Seattle, where he studied video game design at the Digipen Institute of Technology. This forway into a technology driven medium would help steer Josh's later decision to go into techology. But before that would happen, Josh would move to Los Angeles and begin working in television. Josh went onto become a story producer of several television programs including 'I Used to Be Fat', 'My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera', and 'My Cat From Hell'.

Joshua would come back around to technology as a place where he could work in very creative, collaborative environemnts to produce extremely innovative things that had the ability to empower people, lift them up, and make a postiive dent in the world.

  • #activism
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  • Work
    • Software Engineer
  • Education
    • General Assembly WDI
    • New York University
    • Digipen Institute of Technology