Joshua Bloom

While tech may not have looked like the obvious path for Bloom, his background gave him the necessary skills, vision and agility to run in the high speed, ever-changing start-up world. A serial entrepreneur, Joshua has had his hands in many different fields. Once an engineering student, then a co-founder and creator of a large-scale music festival, and eventually executive producer of a TV show on a national network. These accomplishments reflect Bloom’s ability to assemble, maneuver and lead teams of people to produce extremely creative products. It is a direct result of both vision and execution; skills that are fundamental in building a successful start-up.

On building the future of mobility...

JKAI Designs is an early stage Research and Development company focused on bringing practical Artificial Intelligence to the world of location aware mobile computing. We are based in Manhattan and are in the process of expanding our team of young, highly motivated pioneer types. We are looking for similarly innovative people to join our 'outside the box' approach.