Jeff Severns Guntzel

Minneapolis, MN

I do journalism for the web, on paper and occasionally for the radio. I have been known to do journalism from the command line and in comic books.

I've worked for really great people at American Public Media, MinnPost, Utne Reader, National Catholic Reporter and Punk Planet magazine. Now I'm living the freelance life and loving it very much.

Before turning to journalism, I spent years doing humanitarian work in pre-war Iraq. Electronic Iraq, a website I co-founded in 2003 to document the Iraqi experience of war, is archived in the Library of Congress and the British Library. That is a good thing because libraries are great and those libraries are amazing!

Oh! I also like to tinker. That's me tinkering right there.

Some recent work that I'm proud of:

Sparring With Demons, Combat Medic Turns to Martial Arts (New York Times)

Invisible Injury: Beyond PTSD (Comic book collaboration with Symbolia)

Emergency Funds for Needy Vets (Marketplace)

The Partisans Will Never Find Us Here (GOOD)

Conservative Moments: An Interactive Timeline (PBS Newshour)