J. P. Solano


Entrepreneur / Creative Engineer (Enginartist) / Musician / Father / Accidental Marketer, in any order.

Organizer of Lean Practices Ottawa Meetup

Lean Practices Presentation

My posts in Medium:

How "elBulli" turned dining into an experience

Share your idea, nobody will care anyway

Why not take advantage of yourself?

Unleash your inner superhero

Enginartist – Definition

/’enjənärtist/ noun

A professional engineer who demonstrates an artistic ability.

About my passions:

SuperPower.io is a platform to help you (entreprenuer) to unleash your inner superhero, where you can develop and use your superpowers like intuition, creativity and self confidence to transform your passion into a successful business.

Or, if you want to work in an IT company and you're wondering what are your knowledge gaps, NextStack.io will show you how compatible your skills are with the top IT companies.

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