Juha Ristolainen

CTO in London, United Kingdom

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I am a CTO-level Technologist with 17 years of professional experience in delivering and building digital services and applications for all kinds of customers and companies ranging from large OEMs (Nokia, Samsung, Microsoft, Vodafone) to mid-size companies all the way down to startups building their first MVP. I have built and lead a number of software delivery teams up to 40+ people in my career and I am a hands on leader. I have a developer background and have come thru the engineering ranks so I have personally built all kinds of things from mobile apps to traditional backends to microservices as well.

My background is in software engineering and signal processing and I still enjoy coding in my spare time (in my current role I don’t get to do that too often).

My goto tools are usually something cross-platform like Xamarin, React Native or even Qt depending on what I am doing. There’s no one size fits all solution and you need to pick the rights tools for the problem. Lately I’ve been working a lot with serverless/FaaS backends on AWS and Azure with Node.js and C#. In fact I was a part of delivering one of the first production systems built on Azure Functions in the UK.

I’ve written mobile apps for almost all platforms at some point of my career. I started in mobile during the Symbian/C++ and WinCE/Windows Mobile era. When iOS and Android came out I made the switch on day 1. On iOS I actually started with the community reversed SDK before any official SDKs were out. I’ve also written a GPU-driver in C++ in Symbian for one of the first mobiles to have a GPU (Nokia N8). That was interesting to say the least, implementing OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0 and OpenVG 1.0 for a new GPU.

I’ve written backend services (both monolith and microservices) with a plethora of languages and frameworks ranging from Java/Scala via .NET to Node.js. My current favourite is Go which I am still learning.

The past few years my roles have been ramping up and running delivery teams in an agile manner for different places. That’s been interesting and I’ve learned a lot but I’m a developer/architect at heart so in the future I might think of moving back to more hands on roles in architecting and implementing end-to-end solutions from web and mobile to scalable backends.

My current role as CTO of InMotion for Jaguar Land Rover is an exciting one. My job is to advise our ventures in technology strategy and choice, support them in their iterative ideation

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