Juliana Rose

Editor and Writer in Tucson, Arizona

I have worked as a video/film writer and producer, journalist, college educator, researcher, speech and grant writer. Currently serving as a web SEO content manager. I am a technical and creative writer with experience scripting, writing ad copy and developing thematic ad campaigns.

I am skilled in working with Word Press , Joomla, marketing, public awareness, academic R&D, journalism, technical, and creative writing. I have spent over 40 years wrangling with the written word. I am familiar with almost all styles of writing and sourcing.

Contact me for: Script Writing and Editing, Digital Video Production, News Releases, Research Papers, Outlines, Speeches, Professional Journal Articles, News Articles, Graduate Thesis, Doctoral Dissertations, Research Findings for Academic Journals, Literary Criticism, Books of Poetry, Stage Plays, Academic Journal Articles, Textbooks, Grant Proposals, Applications, Evaluations, Resumes, Curriculum Vitae (CV)...

  • Work
    • J Rose Prose Production
  • Education
    • University of South Dakota
    • Yavapai College