Julio Romero 罗夏 a.k.a. wealthydude

Life Coach, Small Business Owner, and Business English Teacher in Metro Manila, Philippines

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I am a professional Business English tutor,a true blooded online marketer and internet entrepreneur,an advertising and marketing guru,a pop,mellow rock and jazz music lover, a doting husband and father and I believe in GOD.

(我是一个专业的商务英语老师,热衷于网络营销和互联网创业, 擅长广告营销,喜欢流行、柔和、摇滚和爵士等风格的音乐,同时我还是一个受宠爱的丈夫和父亲,以及我相信上帝。)

  • Work
    • Mediads Advertising
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts,Degree in Mass Communications
    • Journalism
    • Classic Languages
    • Philosophy
    • Theology