Justin Woolford

Strategist and Storyteller in Bristol, United Kingdom

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If a vision without action is just a dream, a campaign without strategy is a complete waste of time, money and energy – or at best pointless awareness-raising based on blind faith.

I am a strategic campaigns and communications professional with over fifteen years’ experience across climate change, forests, renewable energy, chemicals, fisheries, young people and tourism and a track record in achieving change through innovative agenda-setting projects.

Asking better questions, clarifying purpose, understanding how change happens and creating agency are at the core of what I offer.

From goal-setting and strategy development to power analysis and critical path planning, I can help you develop focused campaigns and instrumental communications for change.

Results are not guaranteed – campaigning is hard and only to be used when needed – but like a good story, a good campaign will leave your supporters asking what happens next and wanting to help.

Why not stop campaigning on a wing and a prayer and start a conversation with society? Find out more about how I can help.

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Good stories move and motivate. They bind us together. And like prayers, help us make common cause. They go beyond facts and figures and show us what really matters.

Finding and telling stories that make a difference is my passion.

I write about (and photograph) people, nature, change and sustainability.

From profiles, opinion pieces and propositions to investigative features and in-depth essays, I can help you create stories and copy that deliver insight, impact and engagement across digital and social channels.

With professional expertise in sustainability, conservation and environmental campaigning, I am an experienced writer and editor (and half-decent photographer) able to create engaging character-led content.

Check out some of my words and pictures.

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Whether you need a dose of strategy, or some good storytelling or both, please get in touch – I would be delighted to explore how we can work together. Visit my website at http://thechangeco.org for contact details.