Bernadette Sueno

Information Professional in the Philippines

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Hi! My name is Bernadette, also known as Dette to most of my peers. I write on my online spaces as 'kaigachi'.

I am an INFJ who is passionate about life-long learning, and keeping things simple and true. I am a hopeful romantic, an incorrigible dreamer, a born bookworm, an 'emo' writer, a very proud Filipino, a forever-curious librarian, a "rebellious" Virgo, and a perpetual kid at heart.

I love to sing, laugh, read, write, walk, take pictures, converse, discover, travel, come home, hug and be hugged, be inspired and inspire, grow into self-awareness, make a connection, practice courage, achieve personal breakthroughs, be en-kindled, be of service, make things happen.

Someday I would like to be remembered as a true friend; an important part of someone's history.

I am sometimes reclusive but I would love to meet minds with kindred souls. Snail mail is wishful thinking, so conversations on Twitter or through e-mail would be very lovely ;)

  • Education
    • University of the Philippines School of Library and Information Studies