Kamlesh Chandra

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

After being a technology enthusiast (and professional), for a decade, I now see me as someone you could walk-the-walk, and talk-the-talk, and won't feel stupid, or over-smart with, in any Geek or layman conversations and topics! Infact I love to converse.

I like being adventurous, in whatever I could try and play with. Flying, Biking, and adventure sports, has been my current Adrenalin boosters. I have been thinking of Skydiving since I last bungee jumped from the world's highest bungee platform, but have not been able to work it as yet. Maybe this year!

Geopolitical intelligence excites me - and perhaps attached with it is, somehow is a twisted desire to be a traveling-journalist around the world, and working from anywhere possible. Yes, I love to travel.

I also found another of my interest, from past few years in Business Strategies. It's interesting to decipher how a particular business works, and what strategies it has been capitalizing on to be successful and stand the market. Perhaps, that's whats leading me to go for an MBA. Let's see.

And yes, I have been a huge Microsoft fan since I was in grade 10 I guess, or earlier. Only earlier memory I've is of GW-BASIC programming and those "Let 10..." commands from grade 5. Now, with the reality kicking in, I remain an admirer. This gives me more light and exposure to look at Apple and Google better, and to understand the competition and "learn", through my own prism.

Still learning, and still curious, and still young at heart. Bring it on. :)

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