Karoline Fritz

Alexandria, Virginia

Professionally she's the multilingual girl who started work as a temp to find out what she was good at. It turns out that temping, with constant changes and unpredictability, was what she was good at. Now she thrives in positions where process management is as important as attention to detail. New program launches, process adjustments and on-the-fly problem solving are her specialties. Eager to make sure that those around her have the tools they need to succeed, Karoline is often asked to train her co-workers as new initiatives are brought live and fundamental shifts to workplace procedures are put in place. She does so with pride and a diplomatically creative edge.

In her free time, Karoline enjoys long afternoons of writing about the funny little world that she lives in. It's often an unspeakably mean world. It's often an unspeakably beautiful world. It's a world in which there is always something to learn, and Karoline is just the person to learn it.

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  • Work
    • Administrative Consultant
  • Education
    • BA, Coe College