Kate Bradshaw

Filmmaker in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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I have been producing interactive materials to accompany The Open University's Science courses since 1995. Initially, these were interactive websites that were delivered offline on DVDs - the delivery flavour du jour. Then in 2007, I got the opportunity to edit footage for videoblog about an active archaeological site in York - a case study in one of our short courses. I enjoyed it so much I was determined to do more...

Luckily, the recent online delivery of the OU's teaching materials has demanded more short films of experiments in labs and field work to bring the practical nature of science to life for distance learners. These are then supported by video tutorials and 'podcast' style intros from the academics who wrote the materials. Recently, I have been involved in delivering some live interactive broadcasts direct from both the lab and the field.

As all the above are only available to registered students take a look at a promotional film that I produced for the Environment, Earth and Ecosystems Department last year as an example of my work.

In my spare time I enjoy reading and photography. I have a Flickr site. To showcase my landscape photos I've developed a portfolio website - CobaltVisions. I also have a less formal, sister website where I'm gathering various photos of plants and animals: visit CobaltWildlife.co.uk for flowers, fungi and trees!

  • Work
    • The Open University
  • Education
    • Geology & French (Keele); Geology PhD (OU)