Kathleen Earle

Natural Intelligence Coach in Australia

Kathleen Earle

Natural Intelligence Coach in Australia

Welcome. I'm Kathleen,

My forte is designing and guiding holistic learning adventures that emerge from the principles and process of Life or Natural Intelligence (NI). This is the language of creation is the 'source code' for Earth and all who call her home.

That means YOU ARE NATURE - a unique and precious expression of Natural Intelligence in human form, with your own natural place and purpose in the web of life.

So. when you respect your kinship with nature you nurture your Natural Intelligence and enrich the quality of life for all.

Life is so profoundly simple and generous when you speak the language.

I'm a fan... Natural Intelligence has kept me safe and strong through all the shifts and shakes of our crumbling insane world. It was and is my strength.

So, you'll understand why it's always a pleasure to witness the grace and pure love that emerges and ripples into the cosmos when my clients re-member who they are, what they are made of and why they are here... as their True Nature blossoms.

Learning HOW to actualise your Natural Intelligence is the best investment you can make. It is your power SOURCE, your creative essence and your direct connection to cosmic and earth wisdom. I'd love to help you claim it.

We can design an adventure just for YOU or you can join a group coaching adventure. Let's talk... BOOK a Conversation and we can go from there.



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