Kathleen Earle

Self Mastery Coach in Australia

Kathleen Earle

Self Mastery Coach in Australia

Self mastery is the art of being YOU. It's about respecting your kinship nature and expressing your True Nature and purpose with love and JOY.

This path requires with the decision to claim creative ownership of your life, the humility to learn and apply new skills and the integrity to use your 'natural intelligence' - your energy (Prana, Mana, Qi) in a healthy and life enriching way.

If you'd value the guidance and support of an experienced spiritual teacher well versed in the 'language of energy and the game of life' BOOK your free initial consult. This is the best way to connect and explore if we'd be a good team.

Upcoming events OCTOBER 2017 ...

WorldLOVEination Meditation Launch

I've been guiding this delightful meditation free and open to the public each week since 2003. Prior to that It was my daily ritual, something that I've done naturally since I was a child... ah..the wisdom of innocence and simplicity!

My students are so inspired by the healing power and grace of this meditation that we just have to share it with the world.

Our new WorldLOVEination webspace goes LIVE on Oct. 25 ... you can TUNE IN from wherever you are. We'll be in the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW Australia... the more the merrier so feel free to bring your family and friends. Together we can make the world a happier, healthier more loving place...

In JOY, Kathleen

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