Kathleen Earle

Natural Intelligence Coach in Australia

Kathleen Earle

Natural Intelligence Coach in Australia

Natural Intelligence = Human Excellence

Welcome. I'm Kathleen Earle,

My forte is Natural Intelligence, a simple, safe and sublime self mastery process for people who aspire to BLISS.

Natural Intelligence (NI) is your birthright, your natural inheritance and what makes you human. Natural Intelligence (NI) is your innate ability to relate, communicate and co-create with the 'creative and biological intelligence of nature' in healthy and life enriching ways.

When you activate your Natural Intelligence (NI) you access an infinite source of precious life force energy and reclaim your keys to the living library of cosmic wisdom. This spiritual nectar is the essence of which we are all composed and the lifeblood of our earthly adventures.

As our addiction to technology intensifies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sold as the solution to all our woes, we are in danger of losing our greatest treasures. The solution? Embrace your Natural Intelligence (NI) and experience the JOY of Being Human.

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20 February 2018, 6pm-7pm AEDT

I look forward to playing with you.



P.S. YOU ARE NATURE walk-shops are a great way to rekindle and nurture your Natural Intelligence. Event updates on the way.

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