Kathleen Earle

Natural Intelligence Coach in Australia

Kathleen Earle

Natural Intelligence Coach in Australia

Welcome. I'm Kathleen,

The world is in flux, the healing is in motion yet most people lack the skills and support to guide them through this rite of passage with ease and grace.

Healers know that symptoms can flare up and appear to get worse as the old patterns dissolve and clarity, harmony and vitality are restored. During these times it is wise to remember that Life isn't happening to you, it is happening for YOU. Take heart, embrace your Natural Intelligence and focus on creating well-being within and around you. Yes, the world can change in the blink of an eye and WE can change it for the better.

What is Natural Intelligence?

Natural Intelligence is the wisdom of Life and the essence of your True Nature. It's the source code for life on earth and through out the cosmos. That's why acting on your NI is so valuable.

This wisdom is your birthright and I'm here to help you claim it. Communicating and co-creating with nature has always come easily to me, I realised that was not so for others. In my experience most people are aware that there is more to life and want to rise and shine but are unsure of who to trust and how to action the changes they seek. When we are bombarded by external forces it's easy to be tossed about and stay hooked into the current social dramas fortunately, that is not the only choice. There is a solution and it lives in YOU. It's called Natural Intelligence... and to help you to access and act on it I've created a simple, safe, self-generative 'moving meditation process' that is fun to learn and infinitely rewarding.

Natural Intelligence is the perfect way to lift your vibe, dance, sing and thrive with kindred spirits who have your wellbeing at heart.

Start here ... October 2019 LIVE Online

Natural Intelligence Meditation

LIVE group + 1x1 personal coaching course, downloadable learning materials, audio, journal pdf version, video and transcripts. 8 places.

Stay tuned for 2020 Event info or reach out and book 1:1 NI coaching.

Natural Intelligence Coaches Certificate (16 places)

YOU ARE NATURE - Wellbeing Adventures, Creative Escapades and Sacred Ceremonies, delivered in partnership with Wisdom Keepers from around the world.

Natural Intelligence Consulting and Coaching for your project or business.

MEETING OF WORLDS March 2020, Australia - more details on the way!



Natural Intelligence Master,

Founder Natural Intelligence Academy

Creator of Natural Intelligence Process, Author, Artist, Educator, Designer, Dancer, Entrepreneur

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