kazzie kennedy

sydney australia

I am first and foremost a wife, mother, grandmother and life practitioner. I am a storyteller of sorts I believe. I was given way at birth; I was a broken child of abuse that abuse cost me 35 years to the abyss that is child abuse. Becoming tired of the endless opinions and judgments of others I went in search of the woman I was born to be. I found my worth and sense of self, I found a way to be at peace with who I was. My logo is the Gun & Gavel, the gun represents the crimes committed against me; the Gavel represents the fact no justice did I see. I was asked to describe my novels and my style of writing. The first thing I will say is that my style has been described as unorthodox, I would definitely agree. This is why I say I am more a storyteller than I am a novelist. I would however like to think my books take readers on an emotional journey into the world of the lead character Storm Madison and those who pass through her life. You are either going to love her or hate her I do believe there to be no in between. I share an amazing dog called Justice with my husband he is our travel companion and the inspiration for me to see all that is good in the world he draws the best out in others and in us.Ultimately I leave you to be my judge. There are seven books in this first series I do hope you find something with in the pages that will see you entertained.