Kenneth Berger

Product Management Consultant and Investor/Advisor in San Francisco, California

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I partner with executives at fast-growing companies to refine and expand their product management practice, building great products and efficient, effective product teams.

Whether you’re a startup CEO looking to hire your first PM, or a product VP looking to make your team more effective, building the right product management culture is critical. Great product management cultures ship faster, grow faster, improve customer satisfaction, and truly drive innovation. Bad product management cultures are hugely costly in slowed growth, delayed time to market, poor product quality, and bad hires.

Typically we’ll start with a week-long design sprint to kick off a new initiative, or a month of executive coaching sessions to hone in on areas for improvement. This is a quick, reliable way to measurably improve the effectiveness of your product management culture.

I’m also available on a longer term basis, as an interim product lead, coach, or mentor, based on the individual needs of your company.

Why me? I’ve spent 10+ years leading tech products through the full company lifecycle. I was the first product manager at Slack, responsible for the core product through its growth from 100k to 1M+ daily users. I helped Slack mature from a fledgling company of 25 to an emerging leader of 200+, mentoring junior team members and introducing key process improvements. I co-founded YesGraph, raised money from top investors, hired a team, and built it from a nascent idea to a launched product in active usage by companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, and others. At Adobe, I helped build some of its first SaaS products, managed the $100M+ Dreamweaver business, and drove critical acquisitions including Typekit, Omniture, and Behance.

  • Education
    • Carnegie Mellon University
    • Masters of Human-Computer Interaction