Kenneth Berger

Product Leader, Slack Consultant, and Investor/Advisor in San Francisco, California

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I help teams build world-changing products through understanding people and the products they use.Whether I’m working with customers, connecting potential partners, mentoring employees, or advising execs, building relationships through thoughtful discussion is where I begin.

I’ve spent 10+ years leading tech products through the full company lifecycle. I was the first product manager at Slack, responsible for the core product through its growth from 100k to 1M+ daily users. I helped Slack mature from a fledgling company of 25 to an emerging leader of 200+, mentoring junior team members and introducing key process improvements. I co-founded YesGraph, raised money from top investors, hired a team, and built it from a nascent idea to a launched product in active usage by companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, and others. At Adobe, I helped build some of its first SaaS products, managed the $100M+ Dreamweaver business, and drove critical acquisitions including Typekit, Omniture, and Behance.

Every day I learn more about how people work, and discovering insights in that data is my favorite way to solve problems. I learned it from my years in the design world at Adobe and Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute, but it’s been equally useful in managing teams and advising startups. I love finding answers in market data or server logs, but just as often it's through conversations, unlocked only through asking the right people the right questions. Building world-changing products begins with understanding the world you’re changing.

  • Education
    • Carnegie Mellon University
    • Masters of Human-Computer Interaction