Kelsey Connolly

Mt. Airy, MD

Hi, I’m Kelsey!
As computers and the internet became more common in the everyday household back in the early 1990s, I began creating websites on Angelfire and designing in MS Paint at the early age of six. I took my first typing class at eight years old, and my second in high school at the age of fifteen. Design entered my life as a serious career interest in my freshman year of high school, where my teacher and eventual mentor crammed as much information about Adobe Illustrator in to my head as he could. Having previously worked with Paint Shop Pro, he knew I was already largely familiar with raster programs and that I would catch on quick to Adobe Photoshop. So, he taught me Illustrator first, and Photoshop came shortly after.

That’s where the love of design began. From there, I took Intro to Graphic Design, Tech Ed (with a focus in Graphic Design), and Independent Study in Graphic Design. I also attended the Carroll County Career and Technology Center in the Print Production program, where I continued my love of design and was introduced to the printing process. And that was just high school. I knew I needed to go to college for design as well, and that I wanted to be a designer. I majored in Digital Media Arts at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland, graduating in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Since graduating, I have worked at two print shops as a graphic designer. I have obtained a substantial amount of experience as not only a designer, but as a printer. I have fine-tuned my abilities to communicate with customers on what their needs are, especially when the customer isn’t exactly sure what they want or how to get there. I have learned to screen print, apply vinyl lettering to vehicles, and many other daily print needs.

I’m ready to move up in my career. I want to pursue bigger and better things, and focus my talents on a singular company to create a consistent, clean, modern, and sophisticated look that will grab the customer’s attention. I want to design something to be proud of, so let’s work together to create something amazing!

  • Education
    • College of Notre Dame of Maryland