kelvin Aongola

Lusaka, Zambia

Simply creative, Smart and a Samaritan.

Been to 7 African countries, he understands atleast 16 African languages and recently discovered he understood finish and Afrikans when spoken slowly. The theory? words express our emotions something emotions cant do. So if you are angry in chinese, lunda,french or russian..i can still understand it in my own language...

what we working on

Building a mobile microscope

An App that helps doctors diagonise Cervical cancer.

These two projects really inspire me to work hard, respect my team and commitment.

As a creative, its had to stick to one thing..but i have learnt to simply switch off other "brilliant ideas" and just focus on these few.

Yandapps is my third start up and makes alot sense because its working. Am not doing everything myself, its no longer an "about me" startup. its "US". you want to see your business grow? let go. Allow people with the right skill do the job.

The future?

I started with a few robotic ideas 2 years ago and i see myself retiring as a roboticist. I think we can save alot of money if everything was automated. Some argue that this view encourages laziness..but i have this to say.."evolve". not in a darwin a techno sense that is..Mobile technology (making apps) will die soon and i dont want to see my team in the crowd of "once was a success" tech companies. We basically creating a calture future generations will embrace at the same time supporting our businesss. How? creating apps that have direct impact and value in peoples lives. These days if you want to brand yourself people archive.

Non Profit

Am a Global shaper. My non profit project (still in my head) is to create a free and uncensored media site that allows citizens and politians to have dialogue without restriction. I think African politics are not fair. I want citizens to look beyond tribe and question policies in an environment that favours no one except needs of a society.

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