Ken Adler

Ken handles conventional mortgage loans, jumbo mortgage loans, FHA loans and VA loans.

Ken Adler is also a Reverse Mortgage specialist dedicated to helping seniors meet their retirement goals. He is committed to being a continuous student of the industry to ensure that he always counsels his clients with the most recent knowledge available. He works with many senior real estate specialists, financial advisors, and community counseling agencies to assist seniors. He uses a consultative approach and prides himself on his ability to identify all of the alternatives and options available for his clients. Ken also prides himself in providing the highest level of service both during and after the reverse mortgage process.

A reverse mortgage can be a wonderful tool by which seniors can access additional cash by using the equity in their home. It is important to work with an experienced advisor who can help assess each unique situation to determine if a reverse mortgage is the appropriate solution. With almost four decades of helping people achieve their retirement goals, Ken has demonstrated his commitment to serving others, especially senior homeowners.

Ken is a senior loan officer and trusted mortgage advisor at Mortgage Capital Associates in Los Angeles. He lives in Pacific Palisades and has three children.