Kent Romney

Filmmaker, Photographer, and Consultant in Oregon

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In recent years, traveling to distant lands and cultures of our world, Kent worked on production teams that created film and television projects shown on The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ABC Primetime and other broadcast networks. As a filmmaker, he creates video and film projects reflecting his interests in adventure travel, social topics, cultural issues and spiritual growth.

Since 2000, his filming experiences have taken him to cultures all around the globe, making profound connections with Indigenous people, especially the elders and the “wisdom holders”. Kent is honored to have made very deep and lasting connections with them.

In the last few years, Kent has met with spiritual and native leaders from China, India, Nepal, Ireland, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii to name a few. He had the privilege of participating in interviews with the Hopi and other Native American cultures, in North, Central and South America.

Kent’s passion lies in telling these stories of ancient wisdom and being a bridge to our contemporary modern world, while assisting the future evolution of humanity.

Please check out the links below to see some of the projects that Kent has worked on.