Kerianne Mellott

I'm in love with Marketing, good ♬ ♪ ♬, smiling, social media, and singing Keri-oke (and yes, I'm aware that's not the correct spelling of karaoke. I'm in Marketing... so it's "Keri" + "oke." heehee)

I am known as a Marketing Coach, national speaker and consultant who helps ambitious corporations create and implement unique campaigns to create buzz and increase exposure online. That's the textbook definition. Really, I just love collaborating with amazing people and projects and have a blast thinking up creative ways to let the world know what they've got goin' on. I focus on using Twitter and Facebook Marketing strategies to help get the job done.

I knew about Social Media when it had nothing to do with Media, but was all about being social, and when you could only get on Facebook if you were a college student. I love technology and how it's impacted our world for the better, particularly allowing us to connect in a way like we've never been able to before.

Growing up I wanted to be a teacher, a lawyer and an interior designer. (I'm split right down the middle and am 50/50 right-brained and left-brained.) Apparently the perfect compromise was for me to become a Marketing expert who loves to solve problems and teach others! Throw in my love for creative PowerPoint presentations and there's me in a nutshell.

You can stalk, er....find me on all my social profiles below, or stop by my website ( to see what I'm up to. My Facebook has been private ever since college, but if you send me a really nice note along with your friend request, I'd love to be connected.