Dr. Kerry William Purcell

Drifter in the United Kingdom

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If I could have been anyone else, I would have been the love child of a three-way relationship between Ivor Cutler, Ken Campbell, and Chris Sievey

I was once a fire breather.

Life is too long to plough the same furrow year after year (Jack of all trades).

I swam the English Channel with three other idiots (twice!), and Lake Windermere on my own.

The sound of a football crowd, from outside a stadium, is my favourite sound.

I once stuck my head in a bass bin when watching the Orb at Brixton Academy.

I'm slightly deaf (see above).

I make field recordings and experimental electronica under the nom de plume of 'elektriné' (see link above)

I've written books/essays on photography, film, design, philosophy, and critical theory.

I had a bad experience with milk when I was 4, that temporarily turned me into a vegan when I was 20.

I have a PhD: ‘Alain Badiou and the concept of history’. BTW, if you have doctorate, wear it lightly.

I crave creative chaos, but often fear the slightest change.

I'm a fully paid up lifetime Cod Head.* But an honorary Canary.**

I have a strange mix of an addictive personality, but with a strong ascetic strain that fuels self-denial.

I own thousands of books, but I will never read most of them more than once.

If I could only eat one food every day, it would be buttered french bread & coffee.

When I was 18, I fell 40ft onto the concrete floor of an empty reservoir in Yorkshire. I survived.

I've curated a few exhibitions, but my favourite was one on the golden age of British wrestling called Grunts & Grapples.

If I could give any advice, it would be: Don't be a mardy bum, don’t be a jerk, & don't read below the line.

Also, as the postman once said to me: “You’re nothing special.” He dishes out the reality nuggets does our postman.

If so inclined, you can contact me via Twitter: @Kerrypurcell. Or maybe do something better with your time, like phoning your parents up.

*Supporter of Grimsby Town F.C.
** Supporter of Norwich City