Kerry William Purcell

Drifter in the United Kingdom

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If I could have been anyone else, I would have been the love child of a three-way relationship between Ivor Cutler, Ken Campbell, and Chris Sievey

I was once a fire breather.

Life is too long to plough the same furrow year after year (Jack of all trades).

I swam the English Channel with three other idiots (twice!), and Lake Windermere on my own.

The sound of a football crowd, from outside a stadium, is my favourite sound.

I once stuck my head in a bass bin when watching the Orb at Brixton Academy.

I'm slightly deaf (see above).

I make field recordings and experimental electronica under the nom de plume of 'elektriné' (see link above)

I've written books/essays on photography, film, design, philosophy, and critical theory.

I had a bad experience with milk when I was 4, that temporarily turned me into a vegan when I was 20.

I wrote a PhD on the work of philosopher Alain Badiou.

I crave creative chaos, but often fear the slightest change.

I'm a fully paid up lifetime Cod Head.*

I have a strange mix of an addictive personality, but with a strong ascetic strain that fuels self-denial.

I own thousands of books, but I will never read most of them more than once.

If I could only eat one food every day, it would be buttered french bread & coffee.

When I was 18, I fell 40ft onto the concrete floor of an empty reservoir in Yorkshire. I survived.

I've curated an exhibition on the golden age of British wrestling called Grunts & Grapples.

I dislike people who believe their job title means they deserve some special treatment. Be nice to everyone you meet (well, apart from twats, they deserve everything they’ve got coming to them. Fucking twats).

I tell my children that their great-grandad invented lemonade.

If I could give any advice, it would be: Don't be a mardy bum, don’t be a jerk, & don't read below the line. Oh, and no one is thinking about how stupid you look.

Also, as the postman once said to me: “You’re nothing special.” He dishes out the reality nuggets does our postman.

If so inclined, you can contact me via Twitter: @Kerrypurcell. Or maybe do something better with your time, like phoning your parents up.

*Supporter of Grimsby Town F.C.