Kieran O'Hare

Consultant, Editor, and Musician in Portland, Maine

I lead a double existence as a musician and an independent editor. On the musical side, I work around the world in music performance, as well as production and artistic direction for the stage. My work has taken me from the stage to film, radio to Broadway. I am currently artistic director of a show in France called 'Fête de la St. Patrick et de la Bretagne’, and a member of the trio, Open the Door for Three.

I am the co-founder of an independent print magazine about Irish culture and people at home and around the world, called Éirways. I am also sub-editor for the seminal independent magazine, Offscreen, working alongside editor and publisher Kai Brach to bring refinement and clarity to its content.

I am humbled to have once been described by author and broadcaster Studs Terkel as ‘a one man ecumenical movement’, but in that spirit I truly strive to listen, read, cook, observe, travel, ask questions, and pursue the unorthodox with equal curiosity.

Let's work!

  • Education
    • Trinity College, Dublin