Kile Ozier

Experience Architect in San Francisco, California

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I can tell a story. You will be immersed in it; feelings nearly forgotten, revivified; brought to intense, renewed life.

With the spiritual and experiential mileage I have accumulated through several lifetimes (I'm not as old as Shirley MacLaine, though); I've been fortunate to accumulate, develop and refine somestrong, unique and uniquely applicable skills and talents.

These talents I use mostly for Good.

Corporate and legitimate theatre, Sports Ceremonies and Stadium Spectacle, Civic Events, Fleet Weeks, Inaugurals, Theme park shows and experiences and parades...


Fundraising and Philanthropy for education, HIV / AIDS and Children's charities / non-profits.

Careers in Travel and Logistics, Campaign Politics, Political Action and Activism, Corporate Communications, Journalism, Theatre and Show production all over the world.

Born in LA, raised in Oregon, lived in Newport Beach, DC, Denver, San Francisco, LA, Orlando, Manhattan, Melbourne (Australia), NYC again, San Francisco again, Dubai, and now back in San Francisco.

I suppose I left my heart here so many times that I decided to just stay here, with it.

I strive for the fullest, most complete in whatever I do: inspired by Robert Browning…

“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”

I freely share my techniques & philosophies on creating Experience in my iBook, "IMHO: Creating Compelling Experience" a free download from iTunes.

My blog, “IMHO: Sharing What I've Learned" , is avidly read and embraced by billions throughout the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies.

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