Kile Ozier

Experience Architect in San Francisco, California

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Born in California and raised in the mountains of Oregon, Kile Ozier has Lived and worked in LA, DC, Denver, San Francisco, Orlando, NYC, Melbourne, NYC (again), SF (again), Dubai, and is currently on his third residency in SF.His most recent project was the development of the Methodology and Optimum Calendar for the complete spectrum of Live Events, Shows, Spectacle, Ceremonies and Parades for EXPO2020DUBAI,completed in December of 2016 before returning to San Francisco.His unique capacity for developing concept, building creative and production teams for, defining scope, delineating and adhering to timelines, executing and delivering projects of scale over multi-year periods has been one of his greatest assets; from national presidential campaigns and touring productions to stadium spectacle and themed installations.Ozier has been active in politics and both corporate and non-profit philanthropy for decades. He founded what is now Academy of Friends in 1980, an organization that has since raised nearly $10 million in support of AIDS direct care and education in the Bay Area. ( )He founded the Levi Strauss & Co. Home Office Community Involvement Team, has sat on the boards of Shanti, Project Open Hand and the National AIDS Memorial Grove in San Francisco ( ). Through his work, he has successively served on several boards of the global Themed Entertainment Association; US Eastern Division, International and Europe / Middle East.Professionally, he has held executive positions in a National Presidential Campaign, several Political Action Committees, Corporate Communications, Amnesty International in NYC and at the SF Chamber of Commerce. He has worked throughout Western Europe and the US for our Department of State in organizing conventions of young political leaders.He has done work over the past 25 years for Disney, Universal, Paramount, several projects in the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Europe; while also breaking ground in theatrical experience in non-profit and academic fundraising for Stanford, Harvard Law, and myriad other Universities.He shares his techniques, philosophies and opinions on creating experiences in his iBook,"IMHO: Creating Compelling Experience,"a free download from iTunes or the Apple iBookstore.Meanwhile, his blog,IMHO: Sharing What I've Learned, is avidly read and embraced by billions throughout the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies.

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