Kile Ozier

Experience Architect in San Francisco, California

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A nimble, collaborative producer & show director; Kile brings a career in creation of Resonant Audience Experience: offering effective new approaches to show, spectacle and ceremony.

He has an innate ability to create live, one-off and long-run production at any level of magnitude with Experience that stirs and offers personal richness for each audience member.

Be it Civic Ceremony or Inaugural, Stadium Show or Sports Celebration, Theme Park Installation or Product Launch; on Ozier’s teams it’s never Just a Job. Everyone learns, everyone teaches; the best work of all is achieved.

And The Guy can roast a chicken!

His iBook, "IMHO: Creating Compelling Experience,” is a free download from iTunes or the Apple iBookstore.

Meanwhile, his blog, “IMHO: Sharing What I've Learned,” is avidly read and embraced by billions throughout the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies.

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    • Georgetown University
    • PhD Hard Knocks