Kitt Michele Love

Denver, Colorado, United States

Kitt Michele Love is President & CEO of KML Brands LLC, a company she founded, in 2012. KML Brands is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company, with Kitt at the helm, runs Deviant Kitty Media Group, an adult entertainment conglomerate, operating more than a dozen transgender-related websites.

DeviantKitty is one of the fastest-growing adult entertainment companies in the world. The company's logo, Kitt's avatar; the brand's motto, "Come in, Get off, Come Again!;" and her tag line, "Deviant from the norm!" are all globally recognized.

The company recently announced the launching of its newly redesigned website, The site was redesigned from scratch to combine the most cutting-edge technology with a fresh new look. Among the new and improved features of the redesigned website are: a clean, intuitive user interface; videos are optimized for mobile and all modern browsers, and improved social media integration, among others. The site also features a she-male porn pin board; believed to be the first of its kind on an adult tube website. To view the newly redesigned Deviant Kitty website, go to

Kitt's long-term goal for KML Brands is to build it into a great company, and to establish DeviantKitty as the leading provider of transgender-related adult entertainment.

Follow Kitt onTwitter @KittMicheleLove & visit DeviantKitty on the web at - Shemale Tube Entertainment.

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