Kizzy Robb

Kizzy is the founder of The Random Alignment of Life (The RAOL) which offers personalized messages of motivation, encouragement, and inspiration at She is a member of Urb Poetry Collective, a group of poets in St. Louis, MO who perform poetry events across the Mid-West region for private parties, fund-raisers and other occasions. Kizzy is the coordinator of Society of Poets a local poetry event held monthly at one of St. Louis City’s only Black Owned Art Galleries. Kizzy has performed at Lyrical Liberation a poetry event held by St. Louis University’s NAACP Youth Chapter. She has also performed at Universoul in St. Louis, MO. Her inspiration is limitless; she’s motivated by the people in her community and family. Her compassion for humanity transfers to you when you hear her speak to social issues that plague people’s abilities to live more fulfilling lives.