Born and raised in (KL7) Alaska. His grandfather (W7JXY) taught him the morse code at age 7 and Jon was licensed at 13. At 14, he walked into a Northwest DX Convention where as he puts it: "I met many of the major players in Zone 3, and was hooked, not to miss a major contest until my 30s!"

He and his wife are raising a family in the Pacific Northwest.

Club Memberships: NCCC, CWops #77

DX Calls used: NL7GP, KL7Y, NL7G, WL7E, KH7R, KH7X, VE7SV, VE7ZZZ, V47G, KP2A, VP2V, PJ1B (PJ4B, PJ9B, PJ9EE), P40V, HR1B, YS1X, TG0AA, CT9M, JH1AJT, 7J1YAJ, 9K2HN, A92, S21YX, S21YZ, A5A, A52X, HS0ZKL.

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