Karen Campolieto-Morse

My passion for photography came when I was very young. However, I didn't really know what it was at the time. My family didn't really have the financial luxury of affording any sort of photographic equipment so, I can't be one to tell you that this discovery came from my time clicking and film loading. Now, I understand this passion was there because I know it takes more to capture the "perfect moment" then just an over priced camera and a collection of lenses. It takes observation, understanding, detail and the ability to reflect.As a child I was quiet. I spent most of my time watching and silently observing those around me. When excited, I never forgot to stop and cherish exactly how I felt at that precise moment. I remember thinking.... Oh, If I could stop time right now, how would it look? How would it feel? and what do I truly want to remember?Because 10 minutes from now, I will be somewhere else....In a different moment.I take pride in saying, that I see things that others might have overlooked and use this ability in my photography. I use it to capture the whole picture or the small pieces that happen to influence the whole scene.